The elven citadel of Nightsky is the seat of power and ancestral home of the Élalda noble family, cloistered away where the eastern edge of the Southwood meets the western foothills of the Greypeak Mountains.

The original homestead was first built thousands of years ago around the Star Tree, both as a claim to its power and in order to protect it from any outside threats. Throughout the ages, the structure was gradually extended outward as the Élalda family gained in power and prestige, attracting vassal families and accepting smaller, distantly related noble houses into its fold. As such, the current stronghold and sattelite structures could be considered similar to a castle and keep in human terms.

Due to the powerful aura of fey magic emanating from the Star Tree at its heart, Nightsky exists in a state of permanent twilight during daylight hours, the stronghold and its surrounding lands bathed in the golden light of an eternally setting sun. The climate is unchangingly temperate, even throughout the driest summers and harshest winters.

At night, the residents of Nightsky lace its winding halls and graceful, towering arches with drifting motes of magical light. Large spectral fireflies from the Feywild, drawn into the Material Plane by the power of the Star Tree, gather and roost on the undersides of the giant rock crests overhanging the stronghold, providing a unique view even during the cloudiest weather, and thus its namesake – Nightsky.


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