Stepping into the portal was like settling into a warm bath, though the chill didn't fade from the air. At first everything muted – the roar of the river around the rocks below, the chirping of frogs and crickets on shore, the evening bustle of the town behind him . . . . A moment later, the world erupted into vibrant life. Frogs and night birds sang a chorus; the air was awash with autumn scents; the moonlight painted the flowers in iridescent blue, silver, and violet; and the rushing of the river became a complex symphony.

–James Wyatt, Oath of Vigilance

The Feywild, also known as the Plane of Faerie, is an 'echo' of the Material Plane. It was from here that the Fey originated, giving the Feywild its name. It is a place of stunning natural beauty and unusually potent magic, a land of soft lights and wonder, of music and death.

The Feywild exists in parallel to the Material Plane, an alternate dimension that occupies the same cosmological space. The landscape of the Feywild mirrors the natural world but turns its features into spectacular forms.

All manner of magical, mischevious, benevolent and malevolent creatures are native to the Feywild.


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