Temnarauk’s mother was Edolie Farrah, a disgraced human noble who was expelled from her household for consorting with a devil. She fled into the wilderness beyond the borders of her town, where she was eventually discovered by a dwarven hunting party – starving, exhausted, and about to give birth. The child was a tiefling, born with reddish skin and devilish features. Horrified by its fiendish visage, Edolie was poised to kill the child then and there. Were it not for the intervention of Sedris Ironeye, the very same dwarf who found her in the wilds, Temnarauk would not have lived past their first day.

Sedris was a veteran shield-dwarf and skilled silversmith, and raised Temnarauk as a surrogate father of sorts – despite much of the town’s distrustful stares and fearful whispers so common around tieflings. He taught them everything he knew about fighting and forging, and eventually commended them for membership into the Steelthumbs when they came of age.

On the cusp of adulthood, Temnarauk’s mischievous wanderings led them to an encounter with a local hermit – Tyrande Siannodel, a powerful elvish druid and member of the Emerald Enclave. Tyrande had guarded and maintained the local wilds for hundreds of years, and was intrigued by this strange child and her affinity for the poisonous flora and scuttling, venomous creatures of the mountains. She agreed to take Temnarauk on as an apprentice, and for ten years, the two traveled the wilderness around the dwarven mining town.

Upon completing their training, Temnarauk set out as an adventurer to seek their destiny: glory, wealth - and retribution on the fiend that sired them.


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