Forgotten Realms

Bringing Gundren Home

From the journal of Temnarauk Farrah

Tyrande, you said I should sometimes document my experiences as a journeyman on my travels. I'm not sure how this will be useful to me, as I remember my experiences already.

So today I woke up feeling the more feminine powers of the world running through me. I dressed more elegantly and showed some curvage for our trekkings. I feel it also shows some respect and delicacy as today we took the preserved body of Gundren Rockseeker back to the town of Phandalin where he was based. As we were to deliver it to his friends and brothers I thought this was appropriate.

When we arrived, the townmaster had decided to escape his duties for a few days, so the town was being watched over by a deputy, I forget his name, but he gave us half the gold for the job of finding and returning Gundren due to the fact that he was dead. Erica clearly felt very much like a failure as she insisted on giving some more of the payment back, but I felt as Gundren was clearly well liked, that was probably a prudent approach. Talia was miffed though. I wonder if the reason she needs so much gold is for gold threaded underwear, or something as there is no other indication of were she would put the money. She's generally as grimy as the rest of us and less strong than the other two party members, making it a real effort to carry. She doesn't spend it on sensible things like honey cakes or other food (although she did buy some armour when I damaged her previous set, despite me offering to try and repair it).
The deputy made Krugaar take his hobgoblin head outside after he flailed it at a window leaving streaky marks. Also when we got to the hotel, he had to leave it outside due to the smell and flies, there was no objection to the elf heads though, as they were more neatly carried in bags instead of on a stick. It's interesting that hobgoblins displayed more taste than our own half elf.
We found out that Gundren's brothers had been attacked by the black spider, forced to show him the entrance to the hidden caves and were both nearly killed. One of them – Tharden – made it back to Phandalin miraculously with guts trailing along behind him by all appearances, and was being tended by sister Garaele. What a lovely elf she is! Anyway he wanted to go and see Gundren's body so I healed him a bit to stop him from providing a similar display to us. Also it seemed polite after Gundren had offered my other party a lot of gold in exchange for their services. He was clearly a kind and generous soul. Slightly rudely I felt when we got to the town hall, Tharden ignored my freshly conjured healing goodberries and shut the door in my face. I guess he was mentally and emotionally out of his natural balance.

He had informed us that his brother Nundro was still alive when he last saw him, but had been forced into the hidden cave where Tharden was stabbed and if we could save him, he'd give us everything he had, plus a 10% share of the mine's profits if he succeeded in reviving it. The reason being that the black spider probably wanted to extract more information from him.

We headed out straight away, Erica grumbling about wasting money on getting rooms at the inn, and then we got into a very strange conversation with Talia about where she grew up. Her father was the king of an underground empire that wasn't actually underground. It was all very confusing and Talia got quite frustrated trying to explain it to us. We were in the middle of this conversation when a giant turned around and smooshed Krugaar with a tree. He left such a big hole in the ground, that suddenly everything became clear, he was under the ground but not underground! Talia must come from a very large hole or puddle. Anyway, the giant was most unfriendly, although he had good legs. I turned into a bear, and he smashed the tree down so hard, that I was left under the ground but not under the ground and half dead in my Tiefling form. I turned back into a bear though to show him that just wasn't how to treat a person. We defeated him, I found a bag of silver and totally fooled Talia into thinking it was nothing. Anyway then we carried on until we found the secret cave entrance that Tharden was talking about. Anyway I hope you agree I'm behaving well and learning lots.

May your home always be in balance,




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