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Current quests:

  • The powerful and ruthless Ilvara Mizzrym and her company of slavers are still on your tail. Escape the Underdark.

  • The myconid sprout Stool wants to return home to Neverlight Grove. The disgraced drow Sarith Kzekarit believes he can find refuge there.

  • The svirfneblin Jimjar wants to visit Blingdenstone, the recently reclaimed home of his deep gnome kin.

  • Errde Blackskull, captain of the Stone Guard, will grant you amnesty and supplies in exchange for the elusive derro Droki. Find him, follow him, capture him if you can or kill him if you must. Bring him to Overlake Hold along with evidence of his activities.

  • Gartokkar Xundorn, arch-psion of the Keepers of the Flame, also has an interest in Droki and his alleged associates the Grey Ghosts – who Gartokkar claims have stolen a top secret red dragon egg from the Keepers. Gartokkar believes the Grey Ghosts are behind the Great Upheaval he and his brothers sensed months ago. Follow Droki, find the Grey Ghosts, recover the egg, and return it to the Keepers along with whatever powerful magic the Ghosts used to cause the upheaval. In exchange, you will have the considerable aid of the Keepers of the Flame at your disposal.

  • The red dragon Themberchaud has ordered you to fulfill whatever task Gartokkar has given you, but to report back to him first with any items or information you recover. In exchange, you will become the Wyrmsmith's personal agents in Gracklstugh, and be placed under his protection.

Forgotten Realms

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